Hi, my name is Ayodele Aransiola 🥑
I'm Passionate about Developers and the Community.

About Me

About me + Press Kit

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With over 4 years of experience as a developer relations professional, I have successfully built and managed thriving developer communities, driven significant developer adoption, and promoted robust developer advocacy.

Attendee, volunteer, speaker, and organizer of tech conferences and meetups.

Fun Facts: Foodie, Football Lover, Adventurer, and I love cooking.


Support Ticket Application

A support ticket app built using the MERN stack (React, Express, MongoDB, Nodejs, Bcryptjs, and JWT). It can be used to manage company's customer support issue.

See Live Source Code

House Listing Application

This project was built with React, firebase, Tailwind CSS (Daisy UI), and Google Map API. It has few functionalities such add listings, view listings, sign in and sign up with email and google auth.

See Live Source Code

Github User Finder

A React application to search for Github users and display their profile.

See Live Source Code

Review Application

The Review application is built to help product owners, organizations, companies to get a feedback from their customers for their product usage or their experience while using their service.

See Live Source Code

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